January 10, 2008

US presidential hopefuls and where they stand on Israel

I'm not sure why I have got several hits from Lenin's Tomb this morning but he's got an interesting post on the presidential candidates in the USA. In it there is a link to Ha'aretz's ranking of candidates on the basis of how pro-Israel they are. It's worth a look at, particularly the comments underneath the pictures and scores. Here's a description of the scoring system:

This is what we did: First, we sent the panel the table from our first survey, almost 15 months ago (and here is the analysis for this survey). Then we asked questions about this table, and about the race, as it enters a new phase. These are the two tables, followed by some analysis.

I'm not posting the tables here but by all means check them out. The most notable thing, I think, is that Obama scores the lowest out all the candidates still in the running. Out of those no longer in the running, the Republican, Chuck Hagel, scored the lowest, 3.5. See the note beneath his picture:
The Senator for Nebraska believes that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is central to bringing about Middle East peace. FINAL SCORE: 3.5
And for stating the obvious he scores the lowest on the "Israel Factor" score card. But what don't zionists like about Barack Hussein Obama?

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