March 26, 2008

Comment is free update

I haven't seen any rules about comments to Comment is free articles except to say that they close after three days and, of course, the usual stuff about personal abuse and all that. But I said yesterday that I didn't know why comments to Tony Greenstein's article, posted yesterday, were already closed. Well it appears that the moderator/s can't stay up all night monitoring the zionist trolls. See here:
This thread will shortly close for the night.
Still this little gem managed to make it through before the axe fell for the night:

So we did a bit of ethnic cleansing, but they were going to do it to us first. For them to do it to us, we had to be there. So we got there, and then began ethnically cleansing the land of those who would ethnically cleanse us on our arrival to ethnically cleanse them.

These people were unreasonable savages.

I know most of the other places have stopped their ethnic cleansing. We can't. Not just yet. We've still got work to do. We missed a bit back in 48, got control of it in 67, but we've gotta pretend to the outside world that, if we don't have swimming pools with the best views on the West Bank, we'll be pushed into the sea by the Arabs.

If only we had nukes, which we haven't, we'd be able to defend ourselves without the terrible necessity of moving our dutiful citizens, from America and Russia, into less-than-desirable neighbourhoods amongst the Arabs.

Attacks by Palestinians from the West Bank on Israeli civilians have reached such ferocity that we just have to keep taking some more land, just to show them that terrorsm doesn't pay. It's nothing to do with coveting their land (ours - god said so, and no, we don't have it in writing), it's just our way of saying "Hitler failed, and so shall you". When they stop attacking us, then we'll stop taking their land. They just keep attacking us as we take their land. They're crazy.

This is what we're dealing with.

What's the big deal about a little bit of ethnic cleansing?
But you have to cut through a lot of dross to get to that one.

I don't know what time comments reopen.

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