March 16, 2008

Self-hating haikus

To celebrate Israel's anniversary and 60 years of ethnic cleansing, the UK's Jewish Chronicle is running a haiku competition. Haiku's consist of three lines, 17 syllables and the format 5, 7, 5. I'm not sure if all lines have to rhyme but the ones I've thought up all tend to rhyme the last syllable or so of each line.

Many thanks to Deborah Fink for bringing the competition to the attention of the Just Peace list.

So here are my offerings which I won't be sending to the JC though I might send them to the JPUK list. I'll walk the dogs and think about it.

Am Yisra-el Chai!
Bless'd by spirit in the sky
Too bad, Arabs die!

Chosen people rule
We ethnic cleansers are cool
Democrats, we fool

A home for the Jews
lachrymose hist'ry, our ruse
Our friends we confuse

Jewish state, hurrah!
won by war and hasbara
But natives, we bar

Israel's day, great do!
JNF meets Lizzie Two
Hacks at JC coo

JC's Israel rap!
hasbara gets royal cap
let's write some more pap

Israel's 60 years
hasbara fills people's ears
ignore Arab tears

Israel's 60 years
routed little Arab dears
and we allow queers

Israel cannot fail
emotional blackmail and
WIZO jumble sale

Hashem not Allah
Neutralise King Abdullah
Shit! it's Hizbullah

"Democratic" isle
Amid dictatorships vile
Corpses in a pile

A home for the Jews
60 years it's in the news
stifling rival views

And here are some from a friend, who's a little deeper than me:

Six million lives
the price they paid for a home
who's counting our dead

They arrived in hordes
the wandering Jew, no more
showed Arabs the door

The Israeli state
Peaceful anti-zionists

So, any more for any more?

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