April 12, 2008

Mi casa, su casa

As they say. My house is your house. This guy's house is the Israeli army's house according to the Beeb:
Six years ago, Abdul-Latif Nasif and his two brothers built their family home on one of the hills over-looking the West Bank city of Nablus.It has spectacular views over the city and surrounding area - but that has been its curse.

"This just isn't my home any more," says the 47-year-old Palestinian bank manager, "it might as well belong to the Israeli army."

Less than a month after it was finished, Mr Nasif says Israeli troops banged on the door and came in with dogs and guns, telling all his family to gather in one room.

He says they took control of the upper storeys of the house and used it as a base and observation post as the army invaded Nablus.

"They stuck maps on the wall in my living room and brought computers to make the room like a control room." They stayed for over a month.

Mr Nasif says there was huge relief in his family when the army finally left, but the joy was short-lived.

Magazine spread

Over the last six years, the Israeli army has made frequent incursions into the city, to arrest and kill militants. When it does, the soldiers often return to bang on Mr Nasif's door.

They come any time they want, in the morning, or in the middle of the night. It scares us." says Mr Nasif. "Sometimes they stay for a night, sometimes for weeks."

"They use anything they want. They have used my bed, my children's beds, the bathrooms, the gas, electricity - everything."

On one occasion, the soldiers took photographs of themselves camped in Mr Nasif's living room and sent the pictures to an Israeli magazine. When they next raided Nablus, they gave Mr Nasif a copy of the magazine.
Purely for security reasons of course. Far be it from zionists be so wantonly cruel on account of their culture of race hate.

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