June 14, 2008

Portrait of the zionists as nazis

There are, of course, many of those but this one by Tony Greenstein caught my eye because I know that Tony doesn't use the zionist/nazi analogy lightly. In fact he hardly uses it at all. Anyway, here's a piece of the post he has done titled Gestapo Tactics:
An article on the International Middle East Media Centre, The Israeli army attacks a village near Bethlehem and kidnaps a man and his Jewish wife describes how the Israeli army invaded the village of Hussan located near Bethlehem city in the southern part of the West Bank.During the invasion on Thursday morning the soldiers kidnapped a Palestinian man and his wife, who is Jewish origin. Hamamerh, 25, met his wife Melissa, 23, several months ago when he used to work at the settlement of Bitar Illit, an Israeli settlement built illegally on the land of Hussan village. When the young couple decided to get married, they came to Bethlehem city were Melissa converted to Islam. They were married last month during a large wedding at Hussan village, Hamamerh's family reported.The settlers of Bitar Illit attacked the village of Hussan, demanding that Melissa was kidnapped and forced to get married, which the family of Hamamerh denies.The village told media sources in Bethlehem that the settlers threatened to send the Israeli army to get Melissa out using force, which was done today. Witnesses said that the army surrounded the couple's home and then kidnapped the two, and took them to an unknown location.The Hamamerh family said that the settlers are using the army forces as a tool to force their son to divorce his wife.
And then Tony adds his own comments, starting with:
This is absolutely unbelievable.[is it?] For those who have any sense of historical perspective, then one and only one analogy comes to mind. The repeated attempts of the Gestapo to 'persuade' the 'Aryan' partners of Jews to divorce them in Nazi Germany post the 1935 Nuremburg Laws.
Read the whole thing at Anti-Zionists against Ant-Semitism.

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