August 13, 2008

Israel's Herrenvolk Army promotes Criminal ( yet again)

Two weeks ago, we predicted that Omri Borberg, the commander who ordered the shooting of a tied and bound Palestinian detained by the Herrenvolk army in Ni'lin, will get a ridiculous punishment and then be promoted.

Well, Haaretz just affirmed that this is exactly what happened, although as far as we can tell, only in Hebrew.

So here is the denouement, according to Haaretz: Borberg is about to stand trial for "behavior unbecoming to an officer" a very light charge that is usually applied to excessive use of foul language or a bar brawl. The charge is a misdemeanor.

This is for giving an order to shoot a bound man from two feet!! The prosecutor believes that he doesn't have enough evidence to convict Borberg of a crime committed in front of a dozen witnesses and a camera.

In addition, Borberg was "removed from his post"....straight to the next stage of his career. He is going to command the armored branch at the training center for warfare on land near Ashkelon.

In case you missed the point. Borberg was promoted to a position overseeing the training and education of Herrenvolk soldiers. And why not? Is he not an example of good soldiering?

Don't get any idea that we have uncommon prophetic powers here at JSF. Guessing that the Herrenvolk army will act as a Herrenvolk army is as difficult as predicting the rise of the sun in the morning.

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