August 17, 2008

Olympic Solidarity

Bat-El Gatterer at home in Kochav Yaakov
With the arrival of Bat-El Gatterer, the Olympics can finally be said to have gone full circle and returned to their true Spartan original spirit.

Bat-El Gatterer lives in the Spartan (oops Israeli) colony of Kochav Yaakov, which is a prime magnet for U.S. born jewish nutcases. Kochav Yaakov is not just a settlement, but a nec-plus-ultra hilltop settlement overlooking (or more accurately looking down on) the refugee camp of kalandia from its Olympic heights.

Bat-El Gatterer, who is an orthodox Jew (i.e., she observes all the rules of the Torah except the ten commandments), will very appropriately represent Israel in Taekwondo. She finished her service in the Herrenvolk Army the day before she left for Beijing. This is so sweetly symbolic that it defrosted the freezer compartment in my fridge.

It seems to me the Olympic Games are quite antiquated. Why isn't there an Olympic competition in crowd control, home bulldozing, "rubber bullet" eye gouging and other more contemporary athletic exploits? Common folks, let's do it right for a change!

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