September 29, 2008

Happy New Jewish Year

Happy Rosh Hashana, dear readers of JSF. May you all have a sweet year!

I hate to spoil your holiday fun, but many leaders of the Jewish community are alarmed that assimilation is leading Jews away from their roots. So many Jews no longer celebrate Rosh Hashana or even know that today is Rosh Hashana.

But fear not! Israel is the solution to assimilation.

For every Jew who no longer celebrates the high holidays, there is a Palestinian who is forced to celebrate them whether he or she wants to or not:

A general closure will be imposed on the West Bank, commencing Sunday night at midnight, in accordance with Defense Ministry directives and in light of security assessments, the army said.

The closure will be lifted at midnight Wednesday, after Rosh Hashana.

For the duration of the closure, the passage of those in need of humanitarian and medical aid will be authorized by the District Coordination and Liaison offices, said the IDF.

The army announced that since it regards Rosh Hashana as a highly sensitive time, it would increase its alert level in order to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens, while preserving, to the best of its ability, the daily life of the Palestinians.
(Jerusalem Post, 28 Sept, 2008)

Doesn't it warm your heart that the Jewish holidays are celebrated by four million people, whether they like it or not, with enforced imprisonment, travel bans, and other traditional customs Jews brought with them from their European homelands!

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