November 28, 2008

It says in the Jewish Chronicle that Israel broke the truce, so there!!

It does say that. Alas, the Jewish Chronicle's website was always, well, chronic but it's even worse lately than it was and you just can't access the letters. But what was I saying? Ah yes, it says in the Jewish Chronicle that it was Israel that broke the truce with Hamas. Ok, at first it said in the Jewish Chronicle, as it said in the rest of the pro-zionist media, that Hamas broke the truce but Deborah Maccoby wasn't having any of that. See this:
Dear Sir,

Your report ("Alert system widened as Kassams continue", 21.11.08) cites Israeli officials saying: "the virtual blockade maintained since November 4th would continue because of ongoing Palestinian rocket fire. Around 150 missiles have been fired since that day and more than 20 since Sunday...." The implication is that the ceasefire was broken by the Palestinian rockets.

In fact, the ceasefire was broken by the Israeli army, who - while the world's attention was focused on the US election - launched a raid into Gaza on November 4th which killed six Hamas militants and deliberately provoked the rocket fire.

The Israeli army claimed it launched the raid because Hamas militants had dug a tunnel in order to kidnap Israeli soldiers, but, as Zvi Bar'el wrote in Ha'aretz on November 16th: "Last week's 'ticking tunnel,' dug ostensibly to facilitate the abduction of Israeli soldiers, was not a clear and present danger: Its existence was always known and its use could have been prevented on the Israeli side, or at least the soldiers stationed beside it removed from harm's way."

Israel's violation of the ceasefire and escalation of the conflict have aroused fears that it intends to take advantage of the interim period between US Presidents to launch a major ground invasion of Gaza.

Deborah Maccoby
You can read as close as it gets to the orginal here on the Just Peace UK list.

This situation repeats and repeats. Israel breaks the truce and the media reports that it has responded to a breach of the truce. Israel starts wars and the media reports that Israel's enemies have started them. Israel's existence is predicated on ethnic cleansing and its enemies are accused of genocidal ambitions. If I wasn't the bright spark that I am, I'd swear the media was controlled by the State of Israel.

Anyway, well done Deborah! You tell'em, otherwise they won't know.

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