November 19, 2008

Lloyds TSB adds injury to injury in Gaza

This is curious, at a time when the global financial system is in a state of collapse, the coffers of Lloyds TSB don't have room for money destined to alleviate suffering in Gaza. Now read on....

Protest Lloyds TSB joining the war on the people of Gaza

Sat 22 Nov 12 noon
Lloyds TSB Branch, Hanover St, Edinburgh

Interpal is a respected UK charity which helps alleviate the agony of Gaza. It has been thoroughly investigated by the Charities Commission (following malicious complaints by US Government) and had been given the all clear!

Lloyds TSB piles on the agony for Gazans by

  • closing Interpal accounts - forcing the charity to close
  • giving no reasons
  • ordering IBB (Islamic Bank of Britain) to cease all dealing with Interpal

Lloyds TSB demonstrates this cruelty in a week when


1. Demonstrate / organise a demonstration, however small, outside your local Lloyds TSB – use the SPSC leaflet to inform passers-by

2. Write/call to protest:
Islamic Bank of Britain plc 0121 452 7330 or 0845 6060786
Lloyds TSB Bank plc 020 7661 4778

3. Threaten to move your account from Lloyds TSB to a competitor if you have one

4. This call is issued initially by Scottish PSC and Friends of Al Aqsa.

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