December 05, 2008

Glatt kosher fascists and the Hebron pogrom

I like that headline. I should have put "glatt kosher fascism" in quotes as it's not my line. I just wish it was. Of course it comes close to breaking an EU directive against comparing Israel to the nazis lest one be accused of, and this should always be in quotes lately, "antisemitism". "Pogrom" too ought to have been in quotes because I'm quoting the same guy but I was worried that if I put it in quotes I may have been casting doubt on the idea that there are zionist progroms going on in occupied Palestine. Anyway, here's the chap I quoted, the Magnes Zionist, with some questions for the powers that be in occupied Palestine:
Well, with pseudo-Jewish settlers on the rampage as I write -- smashing, burning, throwing rocks, and even shooting at defenceless Palestinians – a few questions should be asked.

First, since some of the pogrom apparently is in Area A, why aren't Palestinian officers arresting settlers? Second, why was the area declared a closed military zone so late? Third, why are the IDF and the police so ineffectual in preventing the settler rampage? Fourth, why aren't the police using the same tactics against the settlers that the IDF uses against the protestors in Bil'in. After all, the settlers are much more violent than the Bil'in protestors.
He then focuses a little more on the settlers:
one can only wonder at the cowardice of the settlers. Have you noticed how they always wimp out big time when facing real armed forces? Remember Gush Katif? One of the settler's leaders, Haggi Ben Artzi, predicted mass suicides – heck, he even promised to kill himself. And, then, on the day of the evacuation he wasn't even there. If you are going to be a zealot, at least act like one. But when the settler thugs face the Palestinians, preferably Palestinians who have no weapons and no army to protect them, just look at the Jewish Heroes!
And then introduces an article by Breaking the Silence activist, Mikhael Manekin, in the Jerusalem Post. And that's where the "glatt kosher fascists" comes in. They're, predictably, in the comments section.

More on the pogrom in Ha'aretz.

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