December 08, 2008

Israel tightens the noose on Gaza's neck

While Israel allows ships to reach Gaza for photo-ops (which is still useful), attempts to actually bring food and medications into Gaza are treated differently.

On December 1st, the Libyan ship sailing to Gaza was stopped by the Herrenvolk Navy of Israel. In a bureaucratic legerdemain worthy of a Franz Kafka hero,
the ship was told to send aid through the "regular crossings" (which are of coursed blocked by both Israel and Egypt).

Today, Israeli police arrested three persons, apparently Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, and confiscated a truck and a ship that was planning to bring food and medicine into Gaza.

Qatar, a nice and friendly Arab fiefdom, was convinced by gentle Israeli probings to cancel a delegation carrying aid through Cyprus to Gaza by ship. At JSF we wish to extend a special thank you note to the Qatari government for reminding all of us that the fight for the life and the liberty of the people of Gaza isn't against Jews. It is against a---holes of all faiths.

And the West? Missing in inaction. Watching (or not even watching) as Gaza starves, as patients die in unpowered hospitals, not because of want, not even because of war, but because governments can't be bothered. After all, they voted for Hamas! Practicing democracy while not being white is a capital offense.


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