December 29, 2008

Israel's academic boycott contd.

Not content with barring a baby from a nursery for being an Arab, Israel has now bombed, indeed "obliterated", according to Ha'aretz, the Islamic University in Gaza as well as lots of people, including, of course, children and lots of homes. The first article I was emailed on the bombing of the Uni was headed, "Israel destroys Islamic University in new wave of strikes on Gaza but this seems to have replaced it at the same url. Anyway, here the original report:
Israel on Monday bombed the Islamic University and a government compound in Gaza City, key centers of Hamas power, in the third day of its aerial assault on the . Witnesses saw fire and smoke at the university, counting six separate airstrikes there just after midnight.
Regardless of media reports, this is causing outrage among ordinary people. I saw that for myself yesterday on the demo.

Also, Obama's refusal to comment on this latest batch of war crimes may be significant if only to suggest that Obama wants to project a more reasonable image than offering open vocal support to a regime for whom violence appears to be and end itself.

Now Israel has targeted a Palestinian university you might expect Engage to at least say something but no, not a word. Don't worry, there are sympathetic sites around the net and three of their guests or contributors, two of whom are self-styled leftists, have posts supporting what Israel is doing on Harry's Place here, here and here.

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