December 26, 2008

Israel's academic boycott - even unto the latest generation

Well the zionist project has certainly created a society after its own image. According to yesterday's Ha'aretz an Arab child, well baby actually, has been turned down from a nursery because of objections from the Jewish parents:
The opposition of a group of parents has caused a daycare in Moshav Merhavia to reject the registration of a young Arab toddler from a nearby village.

Mayssa and Shua'a from the village of Sulam, say they were warmly received by the teacher of the daycare when they told her they wanted to register their daughter, Dana.

But after making all the necessary payments, they received a disturbing phone call from the teacher.
For the rest of the report you'll have to watch Ha'aretz tv but the teacher told the Arab parents that six sets of parents had objected to the child because she's Arab. Her parents went to the school to confront and leaflet the parents, many of whom couldn't even look them in the eye. Here's the link again.

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