January 27, 2009

BBC Manchester offices occupied

News from Indymedia at 18:13:
A friend just rang to tell me that the BBC offices in Manchester have just been occupied..
The BBC offices in Manchester have just been occupied by Gaza solidarity activists, presumably in response to their decision to block DEC appeal adverts. The police had just arrived, but I don't have any more details as yet...

A quick web search tells me this is the address, if anyone fancies going along to support or join in:
BBC Manchester,
New Broadcasting House,
Oxford Road,
M60 1SJ

And from Socialist Unity:
In protest against BBC’s pro-Israel bias.

I got a txt message telling me. hopefully more details to follow.
The first comment says:
I’m downlading pictures at this very moment, you should have some within the next 30 mins. I only took 427.
  1. The Manchester Evening News is running the story.

    The occupation ended when the senior manager on duty promised to meet a delegation tomorrow. 1-0 to protesters

    The moral of this story is, if you haven’t occupied your nearest BBC office, what are you waiting for !!!!!!!

    Comment by Richard Searle — 27 January, 2009 @ 8:16 pm

Hopefully pics to come...

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