January 18, 2009

Morroccan Jewry condemns assault on Gaza

From AFP, Jan. 15:

Jewish community leaders in Morocco on Thursday condemned the human cost of the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip.

Simon Levy, director of Foundation of Judeo-Moroccan Cultural Heritage, expressed his horror at what he said was the unjustified killing in the Palestinian territory, describing the situation as "more than deplorable."

"It's horrible and it is not like that that I see Judaism," he added.

He called on the international community to intervene to find a just solution.

The Council of Jewish Communities in Morocco (CCIM) issued its own statement condemning the violence in a statement sent to AFP.

"For more than two weeks the residents of Gaza, sitting targets, are suffering under the bombs, the widespread destruction, the lack of food and water..." said the statement.

"The pictures of Palestinian children torn from life are unbearable," it added.

"We, Moroccan Jews, are in solidarity with the innocent victims who are suffering, in Gaza and elsewhere," it went on. "No just and viable solution can be found through force." [...]

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