September 13, 2009

A color revolution in Washington?

In those days, there used to be a joke,
why was there never a military coup in Washington? Because there is no U.S. embassy there.
Coups are generally out today. They lack legitimacy. The CIA and pentagon learned to mimic the left in order to produce effective coups that that look like civil rights movements. Democratic revolutions, with angry masses in the street supporting this or that plutocrats taking power, paid with money from the N.E.D., the Soros foundation, and other such outlets, the Tulip revolution in Kyrgyzstan, the Velvet revolution in Georgia, The Orange revolution in Ukraine, the Cedar revolution in Lebanon, the failed coup against Chavez, etc.

As neo-liberalism is slowly erasing the difference between the Third World and the heart of the U.S, not by the development of the former but by the devolution of the latter, it was just a question of time until the same tactics would have to be used in the homeland.

Obama's elections, or more accurately the oversize hopes that voters invested in Obama, called for a muscular reaction by the capitalist rear guard, lest we get any ideas. Thus was launched the coalition of money and nativist racism, whose purpose is less to keep Obama in check (he has superb self-control) but to discourage his voters and reduce their expectations.

Here is a great Tim Wise interview on the connection between racism and the defense of neo-liberalism in the U.S.:

This is not yet a color revolution. It is not necessary yet, given that Obama is no Chavez. But just in case one is needed down the road, the tools of the trade are being honed.
Tens of thousands of conservative protesters, many complaining that the nation is racing toward socialism, massed outside the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, angrily denouncing President Obama's health-care plan and other initiatives as threats to the Constitution.
The crowd -- loud, animated and sprawling -- gathered at the West Front of the Capitol after a march along Pennsylvania Avenue NW from Freedom Plaza. Invocations of God and former president Ronald Reagan by an array of speakers drew loud cheers that echoed across the Mall. On a windy, overcast afternoon, hundreds of yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flags flapped in the breeze. ( Washington Post)

BTW, the comment page for (one of) Tim wise's video deserves to be recorded for posterity:

dawgfan24348 (1 week ago)
Racisim more like not wanting the goverment to ruin healthcare like they did to everything else
plokijpoiu (1 week ago)
lol you white guys who talk that white america bravado are ridiculous. chances are you guys are tucked away safe in the suburbs hidden behind your computer talking that white power shit. i swear you guys have to be the most coward ass punks to ever walk this earth.
nba2020 (1 week ago) Show Hide
glad i live in canada
fumetti (1 week ago) Show Hide
Tim Wise I will destroy in any argument. Bring me that piece of shit.
nba2020 (1 week ago) Show Hide
why dont you like him, because he told the truth?
stevencool104 (1 week ago) Show Hide
He thinks that "White racial resentment" is a bad thing. For all that has been taken from us, partly from our own blindness, partly from the treachery of Jew aliens like him, we should realize that it is completely acceptable and should be nurtured. Not nipped in the bud by an Jew media implanted jerk response. White Pride World Wide.
MorningStarIX (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
You're just neo-Marxist Jew trash.
Go wander the desert or something, Judah.
MorningStarIX (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.
Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, that half-gorilla professor - they openly call for the extermination of White people and any form of unity White people have.
Jews, niggers, spics, homos - we GIVE everything to them, and this is how they repay us - they call for our deaths and then have the nerve to call us the haters for merely responding to what they're doing.
It's time to wake up and UNITE. Things could be so much better for us.
nba2020 (1 week ago) Show Hide
dang, coulda hid the racism a just a little bit, no?
MorningStarIX (2 weeks ago) Show Hide
Tim Wise is just neo-Marxist ARA trash.
Note he doesn't deny that he's a Jew, and that's of course why he hates White people.
"You Jew-communist-traitor-pig!" said the Nazi.
"Hey! I'm not a PIG!" replied the Jew.


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