September 19, 2009

'Eid Mubarak and Shana Tova

The Jewish and Muslim holidays decide to meet this year, as they occasionally do, which gives us occasion to wish 'Eid Mubarak and Shana Tova to everybody at once. May this year nurse the damaged soul and draw tears from the hardened heart.

Our special thoughts to our friends and all Palestinians forced to celebrate 'Rosh Hashana' in reverse during this Ramadan, thanks to the Israeli habit of enforcing special holidays "closure" on the West Bank and Gaza during Jewish holidays. To paraphrase my grandmother, may those who invented this perverse practice choke on their honeyed apple. Curses sound better in Yiddish.

To everybody else, and especially to the steadfast people of Bil'in and to all their friends from all over the world, 'Eid Mubarak and Shana Tova.

(The image is loaned from the Jews of Lebanon.)

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