November 10, 2009

Israel the illegal murderous zionist regime

Here's a strange thing from the Guardian. It's an article about how Iran's Ahmadinejad has said that America will have to end its support for the racist war criminals of the State of Israel if it wants to have friendly relations with Iran. But see this:
"Obama should take big decisions and changes. He can't collect the support of the illegal murderous Zionist regime [Israel] and the countries of the region as well. Earning friendship of the countries in the region is not compatible with the Zionist regime's friendship. I know that dropping the Zionist regime is a difficult choice and task. [But] he should confront the Zionists and obviously the changes would not take place unless big choices happen."
Did the Guardian really need to tell its readers that by reference to the "illegal murderous zionist regime" Ahmadinejad actually meant Israel? Which other illegal murderous zionist regimes are there?

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