December 12, 2009

Dehumanising Jews at Harry's Place

They are so stupid it's breathtaking sometimes. Harry's Place has had a few articles by the anti-zionists' favourite zionist, Jonathan Hoffman, but this latest is priceless. It is assumed that it was Jewish settlers that torched a mosque in the West Bank village of Yasuf. Under the headline "Sub Humans Commit An Appalling Crime", Jonathan Hoffman tries on his new moderate mask. Reading the whole post which is mercifully short we see by the end of it just what leads Hoffman to so despise the perpetrators:
The culprits must be found, tried and punished according to the law. Whoever they are, their agenda is to wreck the coalition led by Prime Minister Netanyahu. If this appalling crime goes unpunished then they may well succeed.
So that's what's less than human: trying to to wreck a coalition of semi and overt fascists.

Funnier still is the fact that Lucy Lips (aka David T) has had to rush to Hoffman's defence by pointing out that HP likes to dehumanise Arabs for torching abandoned shuls - and a whole lot more besides but he doesn't go there.

The bit I don't get is how it seems to be lost on the HP faithful that using white phosphorous on children in schools is considerably worse than torching and graffitiing an empty mosque or shul. But then the assault on Gaza didn't seek to "wreck the coalition led by Prime Minister Netanyahu". Au contraire, it seems to have got it into power.

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