February 13, 2010

They're on to us, really!

According to a zionist think tank, "Israel is facing a global campaign of delegitimization" that includes
anti-Israel demonstrations on campuses, protests when Israeli athletes compete abroad, moves in Europe to boycott Israeli products, and threats of arrest warrants for Israeli leaders visiting London.
Reut says the campaign is the work of a worldwide network of private individuals and organizations. They have no hierarchy or overall commander, but work together based on a joint ideology - portraying Israel as a pariah state and denying its right to exist. (Haaretz)
This is completely untrue. We all report to Commandante Che Guevara. Everybody knows that. And when he's indisposed, we report to the Caliph, a.k.a. Subcommandante Marcos. We have Elders, many many elders. And the protocols of our secret meetings are published on line. This is a vast left-wing conspiracy and they are representing us as some kind of loose, God forbid! anarchists!
Reut lists the network's major hubs - London, Brussels, Madrid, Toronto, San Francisco and the University of California, Berkeley. The network's activists - "delegitimizers" the report dubs them - are relatively marginal: young people, anarchists, migrants and radical political activists. Although they are not many, they raise their profile using public campaigns and media coverage, the report says.
Ah, that People's Republic of Berkeley rears its head again! But here's a scoop for Reut. Big cities are hubs. That's what a big city is. That doesn't mean small towns in Scotland or villages in Ivory Coast are very supportive of Israeli war crimes. I wouldn't want the Israelis to nuke Madrid based on this report only to find out that people in Cuenca are just as unimpressed with Israel's "right to exist" as a racist apartheid state. It would be a bummer.

Plus, it must hurt to know that "marginal" people will be your downfall. Israel is no country for marginal people. Not that the US or Britain are, but Israeli society has that special extra contempt for those out of line, out of nationality, out of luck, out of order, out of their mind, etc. and that must make reading this report particularly painful. Israelis should console themselves that the tradition they pretend to stand for had a different take on the marginal, from the lisping son of a slave woman Moses to the slayer of army generals Yael (see painting, by the great "marginal" painter Artemisia Gentileschi).
The delegitimization network sees the fight against the former regime in South Africa as a success model. It believes that like the apartheid regime, the Zionist-Israeli model can be toppled and a one-state model can be established.

The Reut team says the network's groups share symbols and heroes such as the Palestinian boy Mohammed al-Dura, American peace activist Rachel Corrie and joint events like the Durban Conference.
How naughty of us, to share symbols! And events!! What else should we share? The tears, the horror at that unimaginable waste of human lives, of degradation, of bureaucratic sadism that Israel is. That too we share. You should mention that too, to be fair. But let Reut rest assured that we don't just believe the Zionist-Israeli model can be toppled like South Africa. It will be toppled, and better than in apartheid South Africa. Thanks for all the kind words, Reut! We never knew ourselves so well.

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