April 24, 2010

Which path to take?

From South Africa's Mail and Guardian online:

Whatever the boy decides, apparently his granddad will now be there at the bar mitzvah. It appears that the South African Zionist Federation has decided not to picket the special occasion of a thirteen year old boy. I got the info from an email from Deborah Maccoby to the Just Peace UK list.

But let's have a look at the email from Judge Goldstone to Rabbi Michael Lerner:
I am happy to inform you that after being approached this morning by the Jewish
communal organizations, the following statement was issued by the Director of
the South African Board of Deputies, Wendy Kahn:

"The SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) is pleased to announce that, following consultation between all the parties involved, an agreement has been reached confirming Judge Richard Goldstone attending his grandson's forthcoming barmitzvah ceremony.

It was agreed that a meeting hosted by the SA Zionist Federation would take place between Judge Goldstone and leadership of the SA Zionist Federation and other Jewish Communal representatives to discuss the Jewish community's response to the report of the Commission chaired by Judge Goldstone last year and for Judge Goldstone to give his perspectives on the issue.

It was further confirmed that Judge Goldstone would attend his grandson's barmitzvah and that there would be no protests associated with the barmitzvah.

The SAJBD respectfully requests, in light of the agreement reached, that all parties immediately desist all public activities on this matter so that the young man's barmitzvah celebration can be returned to the privacy and dignity that it deserves.
Unbelievable! The price for Judge Goldstone to go to his grandson's bar mitzvah is to meet with the South African Zionist Federation "to give his perspectives on the issue" of his report. And I thought these people couldn't stoop any lower than supporting the assault on Gaza itself. How wrong I was.

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