August 07, 2010

Jewish Chronicle: all the news that's fit to omit

You'd think a Jewish woman losing an eye when she was shot with a tear gas canister would be news in the Jewish Chronicle but curiously the editor thought that the news was only fit to delete. Check this out from Tony Greenstein's blog:
Dear Mr Pollard,[Editor of the Jewish Chronicle]

Below is a link to a story I blogged about an ordinary American Jewish student, Emily Honochowicz, who lost an eye peacefully protesting at a checkpoint in Jerusalem, the same day as the Mavi Marmara. A tear gas canister having been shot directly at her.

I realise that the habits of editing tabloid newspapers die hard but isn't it time you covered not just this but the more general drift towards a police state in Israel? The attacks on secular Arab MK Haneen Zoabi, no supporter of Hamas, a liberated woman but clearly not the type that Israel's knee-jerk supporters like, being the object of virulent abuse in the Knesset.

Instead of being an echo chamber to Jonathan Hoffman isn't it about time you actually started reporting the more uncomfortable facts? When people look back this period of the Jewish Chronicle will come to be seen as one of its darkest and least glorious chapters.


Tony Greenstein
Back came the intrepid journalist's reply:
Dear Mr Greenstein,

Thank you for your email, which will make a fine addition to my 'delete' folder.
Stephen Pollard

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So spake the editor of the oldest Jewish newspaper in the world.

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