September 03, 2010

ZioNazi SS

I've said before that I don't like the expression "zionazi". Zionism's bad enough without tacking things onto it. A friend of mine sent me this picture which was in the window of a gallery in Shoreditch in east London.

There I was in a pub, coincidentally not far from Shoreditch, when the picture arrived as a text message. I asked the friend about the picture and she didn't know anything about it except it costs £2,000 so she didn't enquire further.

I don't know what to make of the picture really. See the financial allusions? Dollars, even New Israeli Shekels. You see? Just below the SS in the middle are the two $ signs. And to the left of the dollar signs, NIS. No GBP, no £, except on the price tag. But at two grand, I'm guessing the artist is no beginner. Who is it? I wonder.

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