October 01, 2010

What's to reassert?

Crumbs! The Guardian had a major typo, or maybe it was a Freudian slip or plain mischief but a letter from supporters of the ill-fated Jewish boat to Gaza was headed in yesterday's print edition, Reasserting the Jewish tradition of defending injustice. Here's the full correction:
• A piece of correspondence on the letters page expressed the view that an attempt by Jewish activists on a sailing boat to break the sea blockade around Gaza this week had been important in "reasserting the Jewish tradition of standing up for the victims of injustice" (30 September, page 35). But due to an editing error, when a version of this sentence was rendered as the letter's headline a key element, the reference to victims, was missed out, so the heading read: Reasserting the Jewish tradition of defending injustice.
Maybe if they get letters from the Board of Deputies, the Zionist Federation or the Chief Rabbi complaining about the letters they did publish they could still run that headline without having to correct it. But then what's to reassert with that sorry bunch?

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