February 04, 2011

Antisemitic incidents in the UK fall to a record high?

Eh?  How can the number of antisemitic incidents fall to a "record high"?  Well it's because there appears to be an alarmist agenda on the part of the Jewish Chronicle and the barmy Jewish army known as the Community Security Trust.  Here's the JC headline:

Antisemitic incidents still at record high

And here are the first two paragraphs:
Antisemitic incidents have reached the second highest level since records began, according to annual figures released by the Community Security Trust. 

The CST confirmed that 639 incidents were reported in 2010, a 31 per cent fall from 2009’s record high of 926, caused by antisemitic reactions to the Gaza conflict in January of that year.
Ah so it isn't a record high after all. In fact it is a significant fall. But what's this?
Incidents in Greater Manchester reached a record high this year with 216 reported which were, for the first time, roughly similar to the number recorded in Greater London —219.
Aha! So Antisemitic incidents reach all time high....in Manchester. It doesn't have the same alarmist ring to it though, does it?

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