February 28, 2011

Obsessing over obsession

Here's Nick Cohen in The Observer obsessing over those who he claims are obsessed with condemning the State of Israel.  You can guess at the nonsense he's coming out with so I'll skip directly to Michael Rosen's comment:
Hey, don't worry about it. There is now a special job for people who are obsessed with people they claim are obsessed about Israel. Hey, they say, look at those crazy, dangerous bastards who are obsessed with Israel, we're watching out for them night and day, day and night, minute by minute, we know what their real aim is, we're building a picture of them, that Jeremy Bowen - he's one of them, that Guardian newspaper - that's another of them, they're all obsessed, obsessed, obsessed, we're keeping a track on their obsession with an utterly un-obsessed interest...
Comments are now closed, mercifully because you can imagine the hasbaraniks out in force.

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