July 26, 2011

Israeli netizens share their feelings about Norway massacre

A July 24 Reuters article carried on Israel's Ynet in Hebrew, translated as “Norway is hurting: 'mourning and hope' in a ceremony in Oslo,” drew some noteworthy comments from that fearsome breed, the Israeli talkbacker. Translated from Hebrew by an Israeli colleague:

1. And in the mosque there won’t be some ceremony?
2. It’s fun and warms the heart to see them crying!!!!
3. Go to hell. Haters of Jews/Israelis, anti-semites busy with the problems of others all day—here you got some too. [signed Zionist]
4. I have no identification with an anti-Semitic country that leads to the hatred of Israel. Not happy, not sorry.
5. All in all, what they asked for is what they got!!!!
6. [in Norwegian.] Serves you right, you Nazis.
7. He is a hero, kill all leftists, expel all Muslims.
8. European efficiency.
9. It’s only a matter of time until an Israeli rightwinger will do something similar.
10. My heart with the families of all the victims. I wish you will never know more sorrow and I wish all the wounded will heal as quickly as possible and will put this tragedy behind them. Condolences and sympathy from Israel. [Norwegian and English]
11. I have hope too… that you have many more days of mourning and tears.
12. Feel a little bit of what we feel here all the time, maybe now you’ll understand what it is, terror.
13. The ugly Israeli continues to talkback. Shame on you, you bunch of people who rejoice in the suffering of others dancing on the blood. It’s a shame that you even hold Israeli IDs.

Just for a taste. I'm told the tone remains consistent thru the rest of the comments. E.G., No. 18 reads: "Rename Rabin Square to Anders Breivik Sq. for a good finish to my wonderful weekend"

h/t to Dena

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