February 26, 2012

The Antisemitic League of the US

At each event the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs will be selling Atzmon’s CD “The Tide Has Changed” and his book The Wandering Who?—although as Prof. Garrison Fewell warns, when you finish reading the ­latter, you may likely “see a different face in the mirror.”
For more information call the Washington ­Report at (202) 939-6050 or visit www.wrmea.com or www.gilad.co.uk. To purchase Atzmon’s book visit www.middleeastbooks.com. Atzmon’s DC appearances are co-sponsored by the Washington Report, Deir Yassin ­Remembered, If Americans Knew and Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends. (The Washington Report )
The "different face in the mirror" might be the face of Wilhelm Marr:

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