April 25, 2012

Palestine stickers adorn zionist students' stall

The World Zionist Congress affiliated Union of Jewish Students is complaining that its stall at a National Union of Students event was "vandalised".  The "vandalism" consisted of some Palestine stickers being placed on their board - see below from the UJS website:
This evening, at NUS National Conference, UJS' stall was targeted in a disturbing act of discrimination and vandalism. Posters and banners were defaced with anti-Israel stickers, including over the Star of David emblems on the UJS logo.
UJS Stall defaced at NUS National Conference
NUS should be a safe space for all students within its diverse membership. Whatever one's views on the Israel-Palestine conflict, there is no excuse for this behaviour within the student movement. The singling out of Jewish students and the direct attack on Jewish religious symbols is antisemitism.
UJS is calling for strong action to be taken to ensure that this incident is swiftly and appropriately dealt with. We will do everything in our power to protect and secure the safety and welfare of Jewish students.

Needless to say, the UJS can't let an opportunity to falsely allege antisemitism pass them by. The incident was last night and already Harry's Place has two posts on it here and here. Neither HP nor the UJS have mentioned that hostility towards the latter may have to do with their affiliation to the zionist movement globally nor the fact that a zionist fundraising organisation has its logo on the UJS page complaining of the incident. In fact, rather smartly, HP doesn't even link to the UJS site.  I suppose Engage can be relied on to bring in all the facts. No? Not at the time of writing.  Perhaps they're waiting for the funding.


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