April 09, 2012

Silvia Cattori redefines the art of the interview

Silvia Cattori, a Swiss "journalist," posed the following question in a recent "interview" she conducted.

...the Israeli Gabriel Ash or Caroline Finkelstein, for example, who are members of "Comité Urgence Palestine" and IJAN, signed a statement against you. In doing so, aren't your detractors trying to silence a very rare and brilliant ex-Israeli intellectual "who is more qualified then they are and who has no doubt the ability to shed light on the true cause of the ordeal suffered by Palestinians, and is honest enough to neither make a living from the suffering of others nor monopolise a just cause in order to turn it into a profession, obtain a position or a promotion." [translated from French]

For obvious anatomical reasons, few people can perform anilingus and engage in libel at the same time. That is quite an achievement.


The "journalist" Cattori changed the text of her article after I quoted her, attributing the quoted words to another someone with an opinion. That changes nothing.


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