August 02, 2012

Romney on the Jews and their money-making culture

I know everyone has heard about Mitt Romney's speech in Israel just the other day but here's Jon Stewart's take on the thing as reported in The Raw Story:

On his show Tuesday night, Daily Show host Jon Stewart mocked Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s latest series of gaffes.
While Romney was in Israel, the Republican candidate remarked at a fundraising event that the Israelis were more economically successful than the Palestinians because of their culture.
“Romney appears to be saying that the Palestinians are purely the architects of their own poverty, or, if you prefer to look at the converse, that Jews are culturally some money-making motherfuckers,” Stewart joked.

Romney also said Israel was prosperous thanks to the “hand of providence.”
“Again, Romney appears to be saying while Palestinian despair has its roots in their culture, God is also holding them down,” Stewart noted. “Or, if you prefer to look at the converse, Israel’s economic progress is evidence of the hand of providence — going to assume that all the horrible shit that happened to the Jews prior to that was the hand of providence’s middle finger.”
Watch video, via Mediaite, below:
I don't know how the video clip will come out but if you can't see it here go to The Raw Story site.


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