October 18, 2012

Today we remember

In honor of Ahmad Sa'adat,  who is a political prisoner in Israel:   Statement from the PFLP 

Today we stop to remember October 17, 2001 heroic act carried out by Abu Ali Mutsfafa Brigades who assassinated Tourism Minister Zionist "Rehavam Zeevi," in response to the assassination of the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Martyr Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa. After this heroic act, the PA (Oslo Authority) arrested PFLP Leader General Secretary Ahmed Sa’adat and his 4 Comrades who carried out the heroic act against the Occupation; Comrade Ahed Abu Gholmi , Comrade Hamdi Quran, Comrade Basel Al-Asmar, Comrade Majdi Rimawi and then handed them to the “Israeli” Occupation.
We raise our voices to say “NO to security cooperation between the PA and the “Israeli” occupation, Long live the Palestinian Resistance against Occupation and Apartheid.. the only way to Palestine passes through the barrel of the gun
 PS. I do not share the strategic analysis embodied in the the last sentence, but the issue is not one of principle.


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