January 06, 2013

Hunger strike solidarity in Trafalgar Square

Join in solidarity with Samer Al-Issawi on a 7 hour hunger strike to protest against Israel's torture of the dying prisoner and against his imprisonment without trial or charge. 
Time: 12-7pm (please join anytime that is good for you)
Venue: By the steps of St Martin in the Fields Church Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ
We stand united in solidarity with Samer Al-Issawi who will be on a 160 day hunger strike as of Monday the 7th January 2013. In the face of Israel's systematic breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Law Samer Al-Issawi is not the first Palestinian prisoner to protest with the only weapon available to him - his empty stomach.

The shocking violence against the dying handcuffed hunger striker amounts to torture and took place in court in front of the Israeli judge who took no action to protect the defenceless prisoner. These videos shows Samer Issawi and his family being violently attacked by the Israeli prison officers while in Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court on Tuesday, December 18th:
"PHR-Israel condemns the violent treatment of hunger striker, Samer Issawi and his family members while in Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court on Tuesday, December 18th and calls for the immediate release of Samer" 

Samer Issawi’s hunger strike continues and his condition is deteriorating and is very severe. The International Committee of the Red Cross and prisoner support and human rights groups have been denied access to visit him. He is committed to continue his strike until freedom and has refused deportation.

A Doctor concluded his Medical Report: He has recently started suffering from severe pain especially in his muscles, abdomen and kidneys. He has an acute vitamin B-12 deficiency and his body has begun to eat his muscles and nerves. Also, his sight is weak, he is fainting around six times a day and his body is covered with bruises. Moreover, he is vomiting blood, his heart is weakening and he can barely breathe. He has begun to feel pains in his chest due to having been assaulted by Israeli police at his latest court hearing on December 18th. Until now, he has not had the necessary tests conducted on him after that attack against him and so far the hospital administration refused to test and X-rays his chest. His health continues to deteriorate and his body is eroding and he has lost sense of the extremities (the hands and feet) as well as in his lips and he has lost a great deal of hair,” said his mother, in evident distress.

“I will not withdraw from the battle for freedom”: The Story of Samer Issawi by Malaka Mohammed http://t.co/2vzrHdEu

Please send emails to British officials re 160 day hunger striker Samer Al-Issawi
Write to Secretary of State for the Foreign Office, William Hague:
Jeremy Browne MP, Minister of State responsible for human rights: psministerbrowneaction@fco.gsi.gov.uk 
Minister of State for the Foreign Office, Alistair Burt MP: psministerburtaction@fco.gsi.gov.uk 
Near East Group: AINAGCorrespondence@fco.gov.uk

Also tweet:
Foreign Office (FCO) - @foreignoffice
UK Embassy in Israel - @ukinisrael 

Samer was originally imprisoned but was released under the prisoner exchange scheme last year but was re-arrested and jailed for allegedly leaving Jerusalem which had been restricted under his release agreement. The prisoners (including Samer) initially refused this condition but signed to it under assurances from Egyptian officials that it was a mere formality. Samer Issawi was seized near Hizma – inside the Israeli-defined municipal borders of Jerusalem. Issawi’s father told the Electronic Intifada. “Whenever it suits them, they change their definition of Jerusalem!"

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