July 06, 2013

McDonald's versus the Occupation, KFC versus Hitler

I see two big fast food chains are taking a stand against racist war criminals hot on the heels of each other.  First McDonalds refused to open a branch in the West Bank settlement of Ariel and now KFC is taking a stand against a modification of their trade mark from Colonel Sanders to Hitler for a fried chicken outlet in Bangkok.

Here's Daily Beast's Open Zion on the McDonald's story:
Israeli financial daily Calcalist reported on Wednesday that global behemoth McDonald’s won’t be opening a franchise in a shopping mall currently under construction in Ariel, Israel’s largest West Bank settlement—that, in fact, owner and general manager Omri Padan “refuses” to do so.

Isral McDonald's

Rainer Jensen/DPA/Landov

McDonald’s Israel has clarified, however, that it’s always been company policy not to operate beyond the Green Line, and as the Israeli franchise has been a growing concern for twenty years, it requires a special kind of effort to see the refusal as anything new, or as a response to any sort of pressure. Sure it’s a boycott, but it’s a boycott that’s already a generation old.

Ok, McDonalds steering clear of the West Bank is nothing new but this Huffington Post report, picked up from this tweet is new and in its own way similar to the McDonalds story:
           Very bizarre Hitler Fried Chicken shop in Thailand. I kid you not. Complete with pic of Hitler in bow tie 
Who'd have thought that fast food chains would be so principled?

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