July 25, 2013

Most Israelis support whatever Netanyahu supports

Here's a ludicrous report in The Jewish Chronicle headed, Majority of Israelis back any peace deal.  Wow! They're so yearning for peace those Israelis.  So what's all this about?
Over 50 per cent of Israelis would support any peace agreement submitted to a referendum by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a recent poll has found.
Out of the 511 participants, 39 per cent said they would be in favour of any plan, 16 per cent said they would probably be in favour and 20 per cent were undecided. Twenty per cent would vote against the plan and 5 per cent would be likely to vote against a plan.
Do you have to look closely to see that the poll is actually about peace per se? It's about whatever peace deal Netanyahu might come up with.

That's presumably not peace according to most people's reckoning. So what's the JC on about? This appears to be one of those zionist briefings where the faithful are being encouraged to promote the zionist "no partners for peace" line.

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