August 17, 2013

Listen to What Marcus Dysch of the Jewish Chronicle calls Nigel Kennedy's Rant

Have a click on this:

Then have a wonder at how the Jewish Chronicle's Marcus Dysch can tweet this:

Did it sound like a rant to you? And have another wonder about how he can consider the censorship of Nigel Kennedy's words - together with the applause they won and the noting by the commentator of the standing ovation Kennedy got from the orchestra - a #BDSfail. He's actually proud of the zionists' influence at the BBC but not content with the censorship, he lied about Nigel Kennedy's delivery and that's without getting into whether or not BBC censorship of a prominent voice of Palestine solidarity amounts to a #BDSfail.

H/Ts to Mondoweiss and Palestine Journal.

By the way, Mondoweiss notes that the recording on the Palestine Journal increased the volume of Nigel Kennedy's voice for clarity's sake. Some rant!

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