March 25, 2014

Rolling Stones take the racist shilling, 90 million shillings to be precise

Well it's been confirmed the Rolling Stones are to take the zionist shilling by playing for Israel in occupied Palestine.   Here's The Jewish Chronicle:
The Rolling Stones will perform their first-ever Israel concert, it has been confirmed.

Representatives said on Tuesday that the band would go ahead with its performance in Tel Aviv this summer as planned.

The Stones were reportedly offered £4.5 million to play the open-air concert in Park Hayarkon on June 4 – the largest sum ever offered for a music act to play in the country.
Wow! £4.5 million.  That's actually 90 million shillings, shillings being old money for 5 pence.  Who, apart from the Stones themselves could be profiting from this?  Did you notice it is "the largest sum ever offered for a music act to play in the country".  Clearly the propaganda value is enormous to the racist war criminals of the State of Israel.  Mick Jagger is notoriously mean with money and Keith Richards supported the Iraq war. So there's a lethal mix of love of money and contempt for Arabs going on here. 

There will be attempts by BDS to shame the Stones out of this propaganda coup for racists but since they clearly have no shame it's probably better to focus on other things.

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