June 15, 2014

London Workshop on Stopping the Jewish National Fund

Stop the JNF London Workshop

Sun 15th June, 2-5pm P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD

Eurig Scandrett speaking on the Friends of the Earth International Report ‘Environmental Nakba’ - the catastrophic impact on Palestinians of Israel’s occupation, colonisation, and apartheid.
Plus documentary, Enduring Roots: Over a Century of Resistance to the JNF (35 mins) produced by IJAN.

The JNF’s role in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the maintenance of an apartheid residential system has always been supported by great violence against its victims.   The murder of two Palestinian children by Israeli snipers, caught on camera few weeks ago, is an example.  The link between the JNF and Israeli war crimes was highlighted by the visit of Tzipi Livni last month to address a JNF event in London.  Livni was shielded from the possibility of arrest for war crimes by the UK Government’s grant to her of a temporary diplomatic status.  The JNF is an important part of the Zionist network.
They are, nonetheless, worried. In the wake of their losing David Cameron and failing to get Miliband or Clegg as Honorary Patrons, a Westminster parliamentary motion condemning the JNF’s activities, EDM 1677, attracted an unprecedented 70 MPs’ endorsement (two MPs signed a related statement).  Worryingly for the JNF, their counter-attack failed to dislodge a single one of the MPs who signed EDM 1677. 
Determined opposition to the JNF can defeat this racist organisation.  A vigorous protest greeted the JNF’s London hosting of Livni on Nakba Day, May 15th.  In Scotland, where grassroots opposition has been ongoing over the last decade, the determined protests that accompanied every public JNF event has led to their cancelling all their previously regular fundraisers, from glitzy Glasgow Hilton events with speakers like Bill Clinton and Colin Powell to pro-am golf tournaments sponsored by Lexus.
Last September’s report by Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), ‘Environmental Nakba’, took the case against the JNF to a new constituency.  It highlights Israel’s colonialism, water apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the role of the JNF in Israel’s dispossession of the Palestinians.  Eurig Scandrett of FoE Scotland co-authored the report with Abeer Al Butmah from Palestine FoE and Bobby Peek from FoE South Africa.
The international Stop the JNF Campaign was launched in 2010 to build on work already done around the world.  Help us to campaign against the JNF, a pillar of the apartheid system in Israel/Palestine, an active participant in the ethnic cleansing now accelerating there, and a registered charity in the UK (Patrons - Tony Blair and Gordon Brown).

Join Stop the JNF Campaign and affiliate our organisation to the Stop the JNF Campaign - Use the Paypal button on the website: www.stopthejnf.org
If you prefer to set up a direct debit or use bank transfer, the details are: Stop the JNF Campaign, Account Number: 65476611, Sort Code: 089299.
Donations are also very welcome and will help us raise awareness of the role of the JNF in Israeli apartheid, colonisation and occupation: Make a donation.
Stop the JNF Campaign, c/o Peace & Justice Centre, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ
uk@stopthejnf.org  01501 78 55 63

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