July 21, 2014

Compare and contrast: A tale of two demos

Here's a pic from Channel 4's report of Saturday's demo for Gaza:

C4 said that "Estimates of demonstrators ranged from 15,000 to 100,000"  and that, "It took them over 30 minutes to pass Nelson's column".

Now see the Zionist demo from a pic at Harry's Place:

Harry's Place claims vaguely that the crowd numbered "thousands" whilst The Jewish Chronicle claims 6,000.  Now I am guessing that if it was thousands then there would be some pics to show this.  The fact is there probably wasn't more than a few hundred.  Again, I'm guessing, at best 900.

How ever many child-killer supporting demonstrators came out for Israel on Sunday, even The Jewish Chronicle's lower estimate of the turnout, ie 15,000, for Gaza was more than twice the claimed "estimate" for the Zionist demonstration.  And I remember when the Zionists flexed their muscles at Trafalgar Square for the war on Jenin.  Then they must have had around 50k people in the square.  When Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006 Zionists in the UK got 4,000 to hear the then Chief Rabbi say, "Israel. you make us proud!"  Now their numbers are so small they won't even let pictures tell the story.  The HP one was the only one I could find showing a crowd.

But look at the Palestine solidarity crowd above.   Does it really look only two and half times the size of the Zionist one? 

As with morality so with the numbers, there is nothing to compare, only to contrast.  Israel's periodic culls of Palestinians just aren't as popular as they used to be and clearly more and more people are finding them utterly repugnant.

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