December 08, 2014

ZFUK invites rape advocate to address meeting in the UK

I just got this email from Tony Greenstein:
The Zionist Federation & Sussex Friends of Israel Have Invited Professor Mordechai Kedar to Speak at Ralli House, Brighton at 7.00 p.m. Monday 8th December 2014"


Mordechai Kedar is a Professor at Tel Aviv’s Bar Ilan orthodox religious university.  The statement by Kedar that the mothers or sisters of ‘terrorists’ should be raped breaks new ground, even for the religious Orthodox.  Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper reported on 22nd July 2014 that 'Professor' Kedar called for the sisters or mothers of 'terrorists' to be raped as a deterrent.  Leaving aside the fact that 2,000 Gazan civilians, including over 500 children, were murdered by Israeli  bombing during the summer.  The idea that someone’s sister or mother should be raped as a deterrent or punishment is so abhorrent that it defies comprehension.

But this has not stopped the Zionist Federation  locally and nationally inviting Kedar as a speaker to meetings, including one at Ralli House, Hove tomorrow at 7 pm.   Palestine Solidarity Campaign is picketting this meeting from 6 pm onwards and invites you to join us in a picket against this misogynist and racist.  Kedar’s views on immigration are also no different from that of the EDL/BNP.  He was quoted in Israel’s widest circulation newspaper, Yediot Aharanot as saying that Islam is taking over Europe. News - Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable

This Nazi style pronouncement is just one of the barbarous and misogynist announcements of the settler and religious right in Israel today.  It follows the pouring of petrol inside the mouth of a boy aged 16 because 3 settler teens were kidnapped and killed, as if one in any way justified the other.  It comes as a reign of terror is being instituted by settlers, with the support of the Israeli army, across the West Bank. Israeli Arabs are also now being killed regularly by the Police on demonstrations, whereas Jewish demonstrators are never met with live bullets.

At uch short notice it will be interesting to see how many Palestine Solidarity supporters join the picket.

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