April 02, 2015

JC telling porkies?

I never read the travel section of the Jewish Chronicle but this letter in last week's JC caught my eye:
What a pig’s ear you made in the travel article on Mallorca ( JC, Mar 20). Was it really necessary to have the final paragraph devoted to a joyous description of pork on holiday? This must have been highly offensive not only to your religious but also general Jewish readership. Was the sub-editor on holiday or is there something more sinister going on at the JC? 
Warren Bergson Salford, Manchester
The editor's response made things more interesting still:
The Editor writes:  I offer an unreserved apology to all our readers for our appalling error last week and ask for readers’ forgiveness. A series of basic mistakes led to the inclusion of words that should never have appeared. Please accept a heartfelt apology from all of us at the JC.
Wow! Four letter word ending in K and the editor is begging for the F-word, forgiveness.  But where's the offending article?  Let's google, Jewish Chronicle pig's ear.  The above letter comes up first on this very useful Press Reader site.

Next up is the google link to the offending JC article:
    Blooming marvellous | The Jewish Chronicle

  1. www.thejc.com/travel/holidays/132103/blooming-marvellous
    19 Mar 2015 - We eat in the hotel's latest addition, a tree house built around an ... cod with the butifarro blood sausage and pig's ear, pig jowl with truffled egg, ...
    You've visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 01/04/15
Clicking on the link we find....

Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page.
Oo-er. Now what?  I know.  Google cache:
So as well as the almond soup we have sobrasada, the island's cross between pâté and sausage, in filo pastry rolls with honey and rosemary, cod with the butifarro blood sausage and pig's ear, pig jowl with truffled egg, and cubes of confit potato filled with aioli and herring roe. We just have time to stagger back down the hill for a quick facial in the hotel's spa before it's time for the plane home.

So now we know that when the JC tells porkies it can acknowledge, apologise and move on and all without the threat of legal action.  Now there's a first.

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