April 04, 2015

Zionists on a conference banning roll

This is looking grim.  It appears Zionists have got another conference banned in France.  This time they only had to say it was bad for Israel (which the authorities equated with Jews) rather than pull some health and safety stunt as with the University of Southampton.  Here's the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
The city of Toulouse banned an event organized by far-left activists promoting a boycott of Israel.
The canceled event was a lecture by Farid Esack, a South African university lecturer and activist, titled “Apartheid, from South Africa to Israel.” He was scheduled to speak at a municipal event hall on March 31 at an event organized by the New Anticapitalist Party, a movement established in 2009.
“In light of the context, I can not permit a public gathering that risks encouraging discrimination of Jewish people and commercial products associated with the Jewish faith and the State of Israel,” Toulouse Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc said in a statement on March 31.
In 2012, an Islamist killed four Jews at a Jewish school in the city.
It's not actually clear which context the mayor is referring to here.  It seems to be the JTA that linked the event to the killing of four Jewish children three years ago.  That's a pretty disgusting juxtaposition given the non-violent nature of BDS and I'm not aware that the mayor has said that Palestinians should pay the price for the murder of Jewish children in France.

But then when we read on we see that the issue isn't about context but content:
In recent years, French courts have convicted several anti-Israel activists for inciting racial discrimination. Under the 2002 Lellouche Law, restrictions on discrimination based on race and faith are extended to nationality. France is among the few European countries that have such laws.
So boycotting any state is illegal in France.  Does France never impose sanctions on states?  Maybe not but see what the article then goes on to say about Southampton.
Earlier this week, Britain’s Southampton University withdrew permission for the International Law and the State of Israel Conference to take place on its campus. Pro-Israel activists pressured the university to cancel because they said the event questioned Israel’s right to exist, which they found offensive.
Clearly the Board of Deputies didn't brief the JTA on their "two lines of attack" on the Southampton conference.

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