April 28, 2016

What kind of rabid antisemite would accuse an Israeli tank commander of targeting children?

Look at this quote:
She reacted like some Israeli tank commander on being confronted by a stone-throwing Palestinian.
It was over something to do with education policy and a spat between Theresa May and Michael Gove. So what's that got to do with how Israeli soldiers routinely respond to Palestinian children, ie, by killing them?  Well nothing except the person saying it was pointing out that Theresa May had overreacted or responded angrily and disproportionately.

So was it a sympathiser with the Palestinian cause ever eager to embarrass Israel at every possible turn?  Nope, it was actually Toby Young, a fanatical Zionist who simply hadn't got the hang of the Zionist project and how to promote it.  For Young, Israel's wanton disregard for Palestinian lives is something to joke or even brag about whereas your more seasoned and savvy Zionist knows to deny or justify these things to the wider public.

But Toby Young was being watched by Zionists who have got the hang of it:
Within seconds of this being broadcast, dozens of people denounced me as an "anti-semite" on Twitter. Some people felt so strongly about it, they even tracked down my email address and let me have both barrels.
And so the upshot of this throwaway line was that Young had to haul himself across the coals and denounce himself in the Jewish Chronicle.
It was supposed to be a joke, but I now recognise it was an ill-judged remark. I was appealing to a stereotype of the Israeli Defence Forces that has been put about by Israel's enemies and is completely at odds with the reality. 
Perish the thought that Israel would fire on stone-throwing children.
If there are any Israeli tank commanders reading this, men who probably risked their own lives to avoid killing civilians, I apologise. The question of the survival of the state of Israel is no laughing matter.
I did a quick scan of Toby Young's Twitter account and he hasn't stuck the boot into the hapless Naz Shah as much as he might have been expected to but then as a rabid antisemite himself how could he?

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