November 20, 2016

Out of 4 critical reviews of his silly book why does Dave Rich only promote the antisemitic one?

I was just browsing the recent tweets of Community Security Trust gopher (Mike Cushman would disagree), Dave Rich.  His pinned tweet touts his silly book, The Left's Jewish Problem.  Scrolling down I saw this:

Given Dave has a distinct lack of sophistication it might not have been meant at all.  I'm guessing he meant disingenuous or straight up dishonest though in fairness Dave might just be an ignoramus who takes his right to Jewish supremacy as read.

The link in Dave's tweet is to a tweet from an Ian Donovan.  I couldn't access his tweet from my regular @jewssf account because I'd forgotten that I blocked him long ago for antisemitism.  Dave's career revolves around pretending to see antisemitism when it isn't there so he couldn't tell in Donovan's case apparently.

Anyway, here are three reviews of Dave Rich's stupid book that he hasn't promoted because they are obviously from principled anti-racists, including my own sweet self:

First up is Richard Kuper's, titled Polemical intervention - or analytical contribution:

Analytical contribution?  Now that is definitely a compliment Dave doesn't deserve.

Second is from Paul Keleman in Red Pepper.  His critique is titled, Increasing antisemitism or disappearing Palestine?
 Keleman's review gets to the heart of the main motive behind the antisemitism smear campaign of which Dave Rich's book is a bit of a primer.

Third, from me:

As far as I could see, but I didn't look that far, Dave hasn't promoted any of the above critiques.  Rather he chose to promote one by an antisemite.  And he complains when anyone suggests that Zionists want antisemitism.

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