May 08, 2004

Jewish Chronicle update

Obviously there's a fair bit about Sharon "losing" the referendum on "withdrawal" from concentration camp Gaza, leaving no Zionist presence but the army and the watchtowers. There's a quirky piece about a Professor Gideon Shimoni publishing a book that warns that Israel is in danger of becoming. an apartheid state. Of course, if it does, he says it will be the fault of the Arabs and "national religious right" in Israel, and nothing to do with Israel's ethnic cleansing, segregationist land laws or its malnutrition-causing barrier around the Palestinian ghettoes.
Don't go, there's more. There was a holocaust memorial event at the House of Commons on Tuesday. Now these events don't bother me but this one was organised by the so-called Holocaust Education Trust, Chaired by Lord Janner. They established their name by campaigning against. holocaust education in the form of the late Jim Allen's play: Perdition. Finally, as racist a letter as you will find in a community newspaper. In last week's JC it was said that a Palestinian woman became a suicide bomber to purge her "guilt" over not being able to have children. This, according to the letter writer was an "indictment of Palestinian. thinking and demonstrates the sheer impossibility of reaching "a settlement with such a morally corrupt society". No one in the JC seems to want to ask why the suicide bombings only began in 1994. It's almost as if they don't want their readers to know.

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