May 08, 2004

Suzanne Goldenberg does U-turn on Palestine

I have this unfortunate tendency to skim over the "factual" reports on Palestine in the mainstream media. I go for the comment, Op-Ed and so on. So I didn't notice until quite recently how pro-Israel The Guardian's. Conal Urquhart is. Also, whilst I've had some doubts (ok only one doubt that I can recall now) about Suzanne Goldenberg before, I don't know when she performed the U-turn that has her describing the armed fascist activists of Israel's illegal settlers in occupied territory as a "Jewish presence" as if the Jewish presence. is the problem and not the exclusivity of that presence, or the fact that the presence is armed, dangerous and extremely anti-Arab, or the fact that it overuses water and other resources while Palestinians suffer water shortages and third world rates of malnutrition. She is also suggesting that Bush is somehow making a concession to the Arabs by having this or that diplomat or government official, or even his very own house slave - Colin Powell - talk to this or that Palestinian as long as its not a real live Palestinian leader. Inexplicably they can talk to Arafat appointees but not to the elected Arafat himself.

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