August 20, 2004

When's an Israel not an Israel?

Or when's a searchlight not a searchlight?
It's a sad comment on how far Searchlight's star has fallen in anti-racist circles that so many people have failed to pick up on their "exposé", back in May 04, of "Israel Shamir" as a Swedish neo-Nazi. And people should use Searchlight with caution. Many people have expressed doubts about Shamir but I've never seen his existence being questioned before. He has his supporters and Gilad Atzmon even has a link to his site. But then Gilad moves a little beyond the pale (ouch!) with every speech and article. My enemy's enemy is not necessarily my friend. As far as I know Searchlight has been wilfully conflating Jews and Zionists for longer than this "Shamir" character and in so doing actually help him on his way.
This is edited 26/8/2004 and I'll probably revisit - Please see comments above but don't. send any money.

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