August 21, 2004

Who says Nader's a bigot?

Who do you think?
Look at the ADL site. It's much easier to find what the Zionists of the ADL are accusing Nader of than it is to find what he actually said. On their home page they have three headlines as follows:

Mr. Nader's Baiting
(The Washington Post, August 14, 2004)
Ralph Nader Responds To ADL
(The Washington Post, August 12, 2004)
ADL Alerts FBI to Aryan Nations Memo
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 7, 2004)

Now the ADL website is very big and has various topics and news items. You may wonder why these three headlines are grouped together and away from everything else. A suspicious mind might believe that the anti-definition league is trying to suggest that the Green Ralph Nader is somehow in league with the very white Aryan Nations. Is this why Counterpunch ran the headline: Ralph Nader as David Duke?

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