November 06, 2004

Israel is an apartheid state: Eric Silver

Well ok, he was quoting someone else but look at this:

"Stanley Lipschitz, a restaurateur, concurred: 'Arafat is the epitome of evil. He's the inventor of hijacking, [actually the first hijacking was by Israel in 1954] the father of modern-day terrorism. [I think most of the methods we associate with terrorism were pioneered by the Zionists] He has caused incredible pain and suffering to our people, but also untold damage to the Palestinian people.' [goodness what is he, a Zionist?]

South African-born
. [and therefore an expert on apartheid] Mr Lipschitz was pessimistic about the prospects of a more democratic regime emerging. 'Unfortunately, the voices of reason will be battered down in a power struggle among the terrorist groups. The only chance is that eventually a reasonably benevolent strong man will take control. [Cue the imposition of Mohammed Dahlan on the Palestinians]

'Otherwise, we're going to have to continue with our unilateral withdrawals. I believe Ariel Sharon has seen the light. We have found our F W de Klerk. Where is their Mandela?'". [so there we have it, Sharon, the new De Klerk, is freeing the political prisoners, allowing the "banned people" to return to their homes and, most importantly, owning up to the fact that Israel is an apartheid state]

Now all the Palestinians (and the Israelis) need is a Mandela to lead the dismantling of this thorough-going racist system. Next up, a truth and reconciliation commission. But notice that reconciliation comes before truth in the standard formula and our Stanley Lipschitz has just put one step on that path. Thanks a million Stanley.

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